When someone says that a house has “good bones,” they mean that its foundation is solid, and its structure is sound. I always particularly liked this phrase because the human body is amazing — our bones support us and protect us every day, just like the inner workings of a home. Since the definition of “lovely” is described as exquisitely beautiful, and since “lovely” was my well-educated and well-respected grandfather’s favorite word, here we are at the name of my blog: Lovely Bones Physical Therapy.

Whether you’re feeling solid as a rock or completely beaten down, YOU have lovely bones. Your foundation is solid. Your structure is sound. Anything you do to further your physical and mental health is just a bonus.

I hope to share content that will help you feel knowledgeable about your body and health-related topics, that will empower you to take charge of your own physical and mental well-being, and that might actually make you feel enthused about it all.

To my physical therapy colleagues, professional healthcare peers, patients, loved ones, and fellow human beings: Thank you for coming to my website today.